Community Meeting - June 29th

Proposed Anthem Memory Care Development

On June 19th, 2017, Alderman Villegas met with the owner of the property at 3655 N. Central Ave. (Corner of N. Central Ave. and W. Waveland Ave.) as well as Anthem Memory Care to discuss a new Healthcare facility proposed for the 36th Ward. Anthem Memory Care was able to address the concerns of Alderman Villegas including (but not limited to):

- Landscaping and neighborhood beautification

- A potential fence between the property and the alley behind the homes on N. Luna Ave.

- Local hiring for full time jobs

- Local hiring for temporary Union construction jobs

- Egress and ingress off of Central Ave.

- Division between CVS property and potential new development

Anthem provided sufficient answers and promised to make the necessary changes, so the Alderman will be proceeding with a Community Meeting at Chicago Academy on June 29th, 2017 at 6pm.

Community Meeting 

During the meeting with Alderman Villegas, the owner of the property and Anthem Memory Care agreed to have the necessary changes completed prior to a Community Meeting on June 29th. At that Community Meeting, all relevant parties will be present, including Anthem, the property owner and their Zoning Attorney. Please join us at 6pm so you have time to ask questions and view the drawings up close prior to the start of the meeting at 6:30pm.


Renderings of Potential New Development

Anthem Memory Care was able to provide renderings of the proposed development. You can view those renderings below. The proposed building would have 67 units and 31 parking spots. The development would focus specifically on Seniors facing Dementia, Alzheimers disease and other memory issues. These renderings are in high quality JPEG files, please give time to load.






In June of 2016, Alderman Villegas changed the zoning of this property from B3-1 to RS-2 (explanation of different zoning restrictions can be found here). If the Community agrees that this new development would be a good fit for Portage Park, the Developer's Zoning Attorney will have to apply for a zoning change appropriate for this development.

About Anthem Memory Care

Alderman Villegas's Staff is in the process of researching Anthem to ensure they would be a good neighbor. As we continue to do this research, we encourage you to do the same. If you find anything that you think might be helpful, please share it with us via e-mail at Please continue to check back here, as we will continue to update our own research.

DNA Info Story: June 20th, 2017

Various TV News Stories from other locations (Source: Anthem Website)

Oak Lawn Grants Permit for Memory Care Facility - Chicago Tribune: May 27th, 2016

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