Alderman Villegas Newsletter 8-15

The last few months have been a whirlwind and one thing I can tell you for certain is this is no part time job! I joined 6 committees in the City Council: Aviation, Rules and Ethics, Economic, Capital and Technology Development, Health and Environmental Protection, Pedestrian and Traffic Safety and Transportation and Public Safety. Each committee faces significant challenges but I believe I can bring my expertise to each and address issues ranging from O’hare noise to flood prevention.

Most of my time has been focused on turning the 36th Ward into the greatest ward in the city! I had a great time at the Northwest Side Housing event a few weeks ago. There were dozens of potential homeowners that qualified for $70,000 in home buying assistance. That made the parents just as happy as the bouncy house made the kids! We are also spending menu money across the Ward to improve day-to-day life for everyone. Already this year we have repaved (or authorized funding) for School St., Long Ave., Nordica Ave., Barry Ave., Belden Ave., LaPorte Ave., Narragansett Ave., Dickens Ave., Mulligan Ave., with much more to come! We have set aside additional money for community beautification and public safety this year. This will be my last year spending menu money though, participatory budgeting is coming to 36 in 2016!

We have faced early challenges though. I have been working closely with the 25th and 16th Police Districts to get more Police on the streets and reduce crime. We saw nearly every school in the Ward lose funding because of the city-wide budget cuts. Our neighbors on the 6200 block of Roscoe dealt with a home that had over 100 cats living inside it.

Most importantly, I have learned a whole lot! The 36th Ward is full of very smart people. I have met with concerned residents, potential business owners teachers, CEOs, grandparents and grandchildren. Together, and with your help, I know we can make the the 36th Ward the Best Ward in the City. I cannot wait for the next 3 years!

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