Belmont and Narragansett Information

Intersection of Belmont and Narragansett

On January 16th, 2018 Alderman Villegas held a second Community Meeting regarding the intersection of W. Belmont Ave. and N. Narragansett Ave. You can find a full video of the meeting via Facebook Live here.

Alderman Villegas is beyond frustrated with both sides of this intersection. The Northeast corner of the intersection has sat vacant for far too long. Below you can see the proposed drawings for the site. The first image is of the intersection itself and the second image is East of the alley.



Belmont_Narragansett_Flyers_2.0_1_of_2.jpgAs of now, the developer is working to secure funding for the site. If something changes on this location, we will keep you updated. There is no question this has been very frustrating. This is a great parcel of land that should be filled. For now, if you have any service requests regarding this area (or any other area) please reach out to our office via this website or at 773.745.4636.


The Southeast corner of this intersections is no less frustrating. In the middle of 2017 CVS left the property. This was because of a corporate decision to stop renting property. They closed dozens of stores across the state regardless of their profitability. Now the property sits vacant and CVS continues to pay rent.

Therefore, we are asking for your help. Baum Realty sees this property has a low priority because they are still collecting rent from CVS. Alderman Villegas is asking for your help to tell Baum that getting something into this property has to be a HIGH priority. Dunning is the best neighborhood in the country and it deserves a real tenant at a great intersection like Belmont and Narragansett. So please call Doug Renner at 312.275.3137 or e-mail him at [email protected] and ask him to please lease or rent this property as soon as possible.


Alderman Villegas will continue to do everything he can to put tenants in both of these locations. If you have any ideas of good fits for either or both locations, please let us know - the Alderman can be very persuasive.

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36th Ward Brochure

The diversity of the 36th Ward makes it a great place to open a business of any size. We have great locations for industrial businesses as well as a handful of major commercial corridors that would be perfect for a restaurant, small business or new location for your existing business. Please see the attached brochure for more information and call our of office to schedule an appointment with Alderman Villegas.





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