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Chicago City of Learning

Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) is turning our community into a citywide campus by connecting the learning that young people experience out of school, in school, and on their own. Over 100 organizations across Chicago have united to make more visible the opportunities they offer that prepare youth for the classroom, college, and a career. 

Through CCOL, young people can find and participate in face-to-face and online programs and activities, exploring their interests and discovering their passions. Chicago has so much to offer its youth, including opportunities to connect with published writers, create professional podcasts, illustrate personal fashion collections, design robots, create mobile apps, play coding games with tutorials from Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates…and much, much more! 

As youth develop specific dispositions, bodies of knowledge, and skills, they earn digital badges that record and showcase their achievements and can be shared with parents, friends, teachers, colleges, and ultimately, potential employers. 

The opportunities are endless and youth can pursue almost any passion by visiting to find out more and sign up for ongoing programs and events.


Head Start Child Development Programs

Head Start is a child development program that provides services to preschool children and their families who have incomes at or below the Federal poverty level. Head Start has locations throughout the city in community-based organizations, private day care programs and Chicago Public Schools. 

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