Letter from Superintendent Pena

I have only been Ward Superintendent for a few months now, but I have learned a lot! Here are 7 things that I wish I had known before.

  1. Everything in the city now runs through 311, and I mean everything! Every department, every agency and every employee works off of 311, including our office here in the 36th Ward. There is a trick though! You can text 311! Just text the word “Chicago” to 311-311 and follow the steps from there. Its fast, easy and works just as well as calling 311!
  2. Separating recycling from trash is very important. You can find the exact rules for recycling here, and if you don’t follow those rules, you will get fined.
  3. The best way to deal with an annoying neighbor is to get to know them. Most neighborhood disputes end with the words, “I didn’t know that bothered you, I am sorry.”
  4. SLOW DOWN along Fullerton, 21 MPH is not 20 MPH.
  5. No one is allowed to park business trucks on residential streets. If you see them in your neighborhood, call 311. You might have to call more than once, but those trucks will get ticketed and moved.
  6. Park Advisory Councils are filled with very helpful people. The 36th Ward is home to Bell Park, Blackhawk Park, Hermosa Park and part of Rutherford Sayre Park. If you need anything from the Parks I strongly encourage you to reach out to them.
  7. Residential permit parking does not solve the problems you think it does. We have one block trying to put them in while the next block is trying to take them down. 

Some of these I should have known, some of them I did know I just had them reemphasized to me. Either way, they are great things for my neighbors in the 36th Ward to know. Thank you and I will see you out in the neighborhoods!

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