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Until the state of Illinois adopts a Fair Tax code we are going to need to appeal taxes whenever possible. Check out these forms and appeal away! Let the office know if you need any assistance.

Guide to appealing your property taxes

Guide to residential appeal

Residential appeal form

Guide to condo appeal

Condo appeal form

Homeowner exemption form




Helping Homeowners Save on their Property Taxes

As of 10/14/2016, our office was able to help homeowners reduce their property tax bills or obtain refunds for overpayment on property taxes of over $46,359.07 

These reductions or refunds can be available to only qualifying homeowners who did not receive exemptions to which they are entitled to; these taxpayers may be eligible to file a Certificate of Error.


About Cook County Property Tax Exemptions

The following are exemptions available to County residents; these savings are in a form of deduction on the second-installment of the property tax bill. The three major exemptions are:

Homeowner Exemption - Taxpayers whose home is their primary residence may be eligible for an exemption.

Senior Citizen Exemption - Seniors (age 65 or older) may be eligible for an additional exemption.  

Senior Freeze Exemption: 

Seniors (age 65 or older) may be eligible for a freeze of the assessed value of their property, if their total household income is $55,000 or less. Those who receive this exemption, automatically qualify for the Homeowner and Senior Citizen Exemption. 


Other Tax Exemptions available are:

  • Home Improvement Exemptions

  • Returning Veterans' Exemption

  • Disabled Veterans' Homeowner Exemption

  • Disabled Persons' Exemption

  • Omitted Assessments Exemption

  • Long-Time Occupant Exemption

Additional information on all exemptions is available on the Cook County Assessor’s website at www.cookcountyassessor.com

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