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We have a number of fantastic non-profits ready to help you and your neighbors, here is information on a few of them. If your organization would like to be featured here, please reach out to our office.


Chicago Bungalow Association

The Historic Chicago Bungalow Association (HCBA) was created in September 2000 by Mayor Richard M. Daley to ensure that the 80,000 one and one-half story homes that have been the foundation of family lives and neighborhoods for over 100 years would continue to do so for the next century. These homes represent nearly one-third of the city’s single-family housing stock.

While the bungalows, with their sturdy brick construction and singular craftsmanship have endured the test of time, many homeowners are looking to modernize, repair and adapt their bungalows to fit their needs and lifestyles. Working with the City of Chicago, Aldermen, neighborhood organizations and many non-profit groups, we strive to help bungalow owners make their homes more energy efficient and sustainable. HCBA offers buyers and owners unparalleled opportunities to adapt and maintain these signature Chicago homes by providing:

Historic Chicago Bungalow Association
53 W. Jackson Blvd, Suite 1125
Chicago, Illinois 60604
Phone: 312-675-0300
Fax: 312-675-0302




Communities United

As a grassroots social justice organization, Communities United builds power by developing local leadership and empowering communities to identify and address the root causes of inequity at the neighborhood, city, state and national levels. We believe that community members hold the solutions to the challenges they face. Through a community organizing approach, Communities United develops institutions and community residents as leaders, convenes broad-based coalitions, and unites people across age, race, ethnicity, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, abilities and religion to advance structural change that concretely improves peoples’ lives.   

Communities United strives to be a “learning organization,” continually developing our analysis of economic, racial, gender, LGBTQ and disability justice as critical lenses through which we approach our work.   

Communities United addresses six issue areas through its organizing:  

1) Improving the quality of public education, particularly for low-income students, with an emphasis on increasing high school graduation rates, college readiness, and college enrollment rates;  

2) Addressing the issue of violence and gang involvement through a positive youth investment framework that promotes investment in youth employment opportunities and youth programming for teenagers;  

3) Promoting immigrant rights with a focus on increasing access to higher education for undocumented students;  

4) Preserving affordable and quality housing to maintain the rich ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity of our communities; and  

5) Increasing access to preventative and emergency healthcare for the uninsured. 

6) Organizing for improved work conditions and a living wage for low-income workers throughout Chicago. 

You can contact the offices of Communities United by calling (773) 583-1387 or at: [email protected]

4749 N. Kedzie Ave., 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60625




Northwest_Housing_Center_Logo.pngNorthwest Housing Center Info

The Northwest Side Housing Center (NWSHC) is a HUD-Certified, community-based, nonprofit organization that engages, educates and empowers the community. We serve Chicago’s Belmont-Cragin neighborhood and we accomplish our mission through housing counseling, financial education, community organizing, outreach, advocacy and supportive services. 

Our Core Values are: 

1) Seek Justice in the community.

2) Empower people to make positive changes.

3) Strengthen neighborhoods through organizing, education, and advocacy.

4) Be accountable to community residents.

5) Serve with compassion, honesty and integrity. 

5233 W. Diversey Ave.
Chicago, IL 60639
Phone: 773-283-3888
Fax: 773-283-8821





Onward House

The mission of Onward Neighborhood House is to empower families and individuals in need to achieve their full potential in a community-based setting through participant-driven educational, recreational and social service programs. 

Onward House Locations:

Administrative Offices

5413 W. Diversey Ave.
Chicago, IL 60639
Phone: 312.666.6726
Fax: 312.666.6735 

Belmont Cragin

5423 W. Diversey Ave.
Chicago, IL 60639
Phone: 773.622.3215
Fax: 773.622.4074  





Pets are Like Family

Pets Are Like Family helps northwest Chicago pet parents have a loving, responsible relationship with their pets by providing education, resources, counseling and referral services; to keep pets with their families and prevent pet homelessness.




Treehouse_Logo.pngTree House Humane Society

Tree House is a humane organization that promotes the inherent value of every animal and strives to educate the public about proper and responsible animal care, with a focus on the care and placement of stray cats with special physical and emotional needs. We are committed to finding every healthy and treatable animal a home and to helping lead the way to a No-Kill nation.

We really appreciate all the support Tree House house has given to our friends on Roscoe in the 36th Ward. We encourage you to support Tree House, as they are a great asset to our community.

1212 W. Carmen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60640 

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