Office Newsletter 8-15

Our Chief of Staff Magdalena has been extremely busy in her first three months! She has set up the budget, set up the office and put together a tremendous team to serve the residents of the 36th Ward. Magdalena herself is a resident of the Ward and it is easy to tell how much she cares. She is working closely with other local offices to lower taxes, increase services and bring resources to the Ward. Currently she is working to bring new businesses and jobs to the ward, determined to make the 36th Ward the Best Ward in Chicago!

Our Constituent Services Coordinator Edwin works every day to address your service requests. He has developed strong relationships in departments across the city. He is the reason nearly one thousand pot holes have been filled, hundreds of garbage bins have been distributed and police presence has increased. If you call, e-mail or visit our office, there is a good chance Edwin is the one that made your day!

Our Policy Director Justin has been busy working on Ordinances and Resolutions to help make the city a better place, but spends most of his time on the 36th Ward itself. He is spearheading our effort to get books in the hands of residents using small libraries. Justin is excited to work with the great schools, parks, non-profits, and stakeholders that make the 36th Ward great!

Our Community Outreach Coordinator Nelly is often the first one into our office and the last one to leave. She organizes every event we are involved in while also making sure the Alderman is in the right place at the right time. Nelly is our Miss Everything, doing everything she can to help constituents, staff and the Alderman. 

Our Ward Superintendent Luis joined our team late but has been a fantastic addition. Luis is in charge of every City employee that enters the Ward, so he is the man that will get your sewer fixed, your trees trimmed and the raccoon out of your attic. If you see Luis traveling across the Ward, waive him down and offer him a cup of coffee (cream and sugar), most days he starts at 6am and works until 8pm.

As great as our team is, we would be lost without our interns, volunteers and part timers. Depending on when you are in the office, you will see Evelyn, Anna, Rene, Nancy, Melissa, Joe, Paul, Yamil or Irene. Each one of them has played a vital role in getting our office ready to serve you, and we are grateful for each and every one.

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