Steinmetz New School Year

For the first time ever, Steinmetz will be sending 25 students to Japan for 8 days in March. Steinmetz is a participant in the Kakehashi Cultural Exchange Program. For the past two years we have hosted students from Japan. Now, our students have the opportunity to travel there, all expenses paid by the government of Japan. 

After three years of planning, we are closer than ever to offering the community a school-based health clinic. Our partner PPC Wellness recently received an operational grant from the U.S. government to initiate services for 2015-16. We will not have a full-time nurse and mental health practitioner located on site. 

Going into the new school year we continue to follow and grow the community schools model. We have increasing partnerships with faith-based and community-based organizations like the Northwest Side Housing Association. Our end goal is to ensure that we provide residents of the 36th ward with a phenomenal high school choice. 

Also new this year is our 9am start time. Multiple research shows that high school students do not receive enough sleep. Lack of sleep is a major determinant in academic performance, childhood obesity, and many other ailments. We believe that Steinmetz students will be healthier and happier with an extra hour of sleep. Go Streaks!

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